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4kq spoiler on 5k/200, plus pearl '86 5kTQ for sale

hi, a bunch of people wanted to see what a '86-'87 4kq rear spoiler looks 
like on a type44, so i finally got some digipics today and posted them to my 
website of a '86-'87 4kq rear spoiler on my '86 5kTQ.  installation was easy, 
and it looks like stock.  the url is posted below. 

with that said, i now take this time to post my pearl '86 5kTQ for sale. its 
the one in the pictures.  i wish i could keep it, but i already have 3 other 
'86 audi 5k turbos ('86 5kT AT, '86 5kT 5spd, and '86 5kTQ) and need to keep 
an AT car that my fiance can drive. (no automatic flames please :<)
anyway, heres some stuff about the car.  its located in Allentown, pa.
For sale: '86 Audi 5000cs turbo quattro. 5spd (duh :<) pearl white. 
paint/clearcoat shiny and near excellent shape. no peeling or dulling.  
black/grey 2-tone leather, power SPORT (heated seats work) interior, with no 
rips or splits in sport seats. ABS. headliner in excellent cond.(no saggies). 
bosch driving lights w/ oem switch. car has 140k mi.  All windows and sunroof 
work. NEW windshield (month old).
4000quattro rear spoiler on decklid, painted pearl also. 15x7 ROH ZR-5 
(german) forged alloy wheels. good tread on tires. lower door "quattro" 
decals from Blau. OEM "quattro" floormats. FULL SIZE spare tire. sunroof air 
deflector bubble. new wheel bearings (front) new a/c compressor bearing, new 
multifunction sensor switch, new timing belt, new h2o pump, tensioner (this 
summer) new clutch mast cyl, nearly new brakes, current PA state inspection 
and emissions thru june of '00, NO rust, NO hydraulic fluid leaks, new PS "j" 
hose, always ran synthetic 20-50 oil, afterrun system fully functional.  im 
asking $3900 , obo. 
anyway, here's the URL to my site.
check out the 4kq spoiler on my 5k, and there are also pics on there that 
some of you may have seen of my '84 5kT that was totalled in april when some 
19 year old kid blew thru a stoplight across 4 lanes of traffic and nailed me 
at about 65mph.  and yes, i am alive because i was wearing my seatbelt, and 
because audis are safe cars. that's why i bought another one (or two :<) 
check it out:
'86 5kT, TQ