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Minneapolis area listers

Is there anybody in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area that
would let me sit in their '88-'91 80 or 90?  I am considering
purchasing one in AZ for an S2 sedan project, but I don't really
remember how well I fit in one of these cars.  The car I am
considering has a sunroof and manual seats, so I know I will
need to sit in a car with a sunroof, and probably manual seats
to get an accurate impression.  I go to school in a town with
next to no audis, but I will be in the Cities for the weekend
so if anyone can help me Friday night, Sat, or Sun, it would
be much appreciated.


Erik Addy

89 200tq       PP-ASEL (soon Comm-MSEL-IR)
85 4000q       SPC-4, NDANG, formerly USMCR