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Re: New Audi Fan with history on 1988 Audi 90

You know, as your initiation to the Quattro List, you have to write up how 
you did these repairs...   ;-)

Any tips or tricks on doing #3 or #4?  #3 is something I've been putting 
off and I have a feeling #4 is going to be soon as well....

Your problem does sound like an intermittent electrical problem.  Good 
engine maintenance will keep the NG humming along quite nicely for 100's of 
thousands of miles...   ;-)

At 10:18 PM 10/20/1999 ,  Walt Dwarnick was inspired to say:

>3.  Clutch Master Cylinder - Had to replace it, and also replaced the slave
>at the same time
>4.  Rubber gromets on Brake Master Cylinder leaking - replaced them to fix
>the fluid leak.