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RE: Noisy Delrin Bushings

I too have delrin bushings in the front and rear lower control arms of my
4000Q. They've been lubricated, re-torqued, etc , and they are still noisy.
The creakings is real annoying at low speeds. I don't think there is any
other option than to live with this tradeoff.

Gary Kaklikian
86 4kcstq
86 5kcstq 

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I had a further conversation with the mechanic that installed the bushings.
I am starting to suspect that the noise I am hearing is almost more of
"creaking" sound due to the bushings being installed dry.  The Delrin should
be almost self-lubricating, however I would guess that some sort of light
grease would be helpful.  In speaking with the mechanic, it sounds like he
came to the same conclusion, but only after the rear set and a couple of the
front bushings were installed.  Therefore the rear bushings are completely
dry, and they are the ones which seem to emit the most noise.  I will
probably try a spray penetrating lubricant.  I notice that in the Bentley
manual it states:  "Lubricate bushings lightly with silicone before
installing."  But there is no such mention in the instruction sheet that was
supplied with the bushing kits.  I will suggest that perhaps this should be
added in future instruction sheets for those mechanics who are not also
referring to the workshop manuals.

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Subject: Re: Noisy Delrin Bushings

>>the control arms.  I trusted my mechanic to properly torque the control
>Not to call into Question Blau, but are you sure they are the right ones?
>Sounds a bit small to me...