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Re: Ekta Install Help

That hardware key is sometimes called a dongle.  Used frequently among
high-price specialty software like what's used to run machine tools or
embroidery machines, etc.  Software media are too easy to copy, so the
requirement of the hardware helps protect against bootlegs.

Kneale Brownson

At 07:45 AM 10/22/99 -0700, Ti Kan wrote:
>Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:
>> Original ET... I mean, Family Pictures need a hardware key to run. The
>> version which circulated through Q-list some time ago is hacked so it
>> doesn't need the key.
>Todd Phenneger writes:
>> What the heck do you mean.  In English??  Whats an ET.  How does this
>> effect my program not running.  Whats a Key.  If I dont need it, why does
>> it matter?
>ET?  Aleksander just blurbed out the partial name for our family album CD.
>You know, "ETxx".
>Anyway, a hardware key is a device that plugs in to your computer
>(usually the parallel port).  The software will attempt to read the
>hardware key when it starts up.  If the key is not located the software
>doesn't start.  This is a fairly common copy-protection scheme employed
>by some software applications.
>As Aleksander says, most of the family album CDs that we qlisters have
>were hacked by someone, so that the hardware key is not needed.
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