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Encounter w/M3 (aka WOB)

So I am tooling down Rt. 59 in Stow, a pretty busy 4 lane street, and I
come up on a very nice looking black M3 four door. I slow down, check it
out, and pace it at about 50 mph. The middle aged woman piloting the M3
notices me and proceeds to show me what I cannot do. In a matter of one,
maybe two seconds, she slingshots ahead about ten car lengths. Wow. I
guess that is what you can do with DOUBLE the hp of my 90q. So we play
cat and mouse in traffic until she cuts off on a side street at oh,
50-60mph. Wow again. Feeling a little in my place at this point, I
suddenly realized two things. One, I paid 1/20 of what she did. And two,
it's supposed to snow this weekend. I don't feel so bad anymore.