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GM discovers the I-5?

As if we didn't know:

I was listening to the "G. Gordon Liddy" show this afternoon.  Mr. Liddy
fancies high performance vehicles, but seems to keep them American.

He was summarizing an article that mentions some of GM's engine
technolgies, both new and old.

The thing that caught my ears was that GM is planning to come out with a
new truck motor that is part of a family of newly designed engines.  The
concept of the in-line 5 cylinder motor, especially turbocharged, seems

The "G-man", though, never plugged the fact that Audi/VW has been famous
for said engine concept for years.  Then again, many Americans look at you
funny when you say your car has five cylinders.

Maybe we can get him into a nice A-series car and he'll send his Vette to
the scrapyard!

Bill Magliocco-5kt 1986