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Audi 200 window adjustment problems

The passenger side front window  (power)  sheared the little rubber
bonded to glass grommet which is located on the upper right
rear portion of the front passenger window.  The  plastic  clip which clips
onto the inner door panel  looks fractured as well.  I've re glued the
grommet back to the window, but it is shot.  The window now wont stop in
its upwar travel  and I have to manually stop the window travel at the
right time before the window tears the weatherstrip seal.   Im pleased at
the ease of getting he door trim piece off  so easily., but  Im wondering
if the  broken rubber
grommet  it the cause of tbe window not stopping its vertical travel
or the  broken white plastic clip  causd he problem, or whether  there is
some other mechanism which stops vertical  window travel.  I read the
page in bentley  describing  the adjustments of the inner panel and the
window, but find the drawings  and text  less than helpful. I have deferred

removing the inner door panel until I get some feedback from the list.
Anybody BTDT  with  runaway windows?    Mike Posner.