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RE: climate control replacement

Fred, I think you're right about the Canuck cars being different, eh,
just like the OEM radio that I got was different from anything anyone
else (except other Canadians,eh) had seen.  The rear window defrost is
definitely a part of the CC and there is no separate switch on the
console or wiring in the back for a separate switch.  Come to think of
it, I may just trace the wiring and put in my own switch for rear
defroster.....shouldn't be too hard.

Thanks Fred, Ti, Kneale and David for your replies.  You actually did
help me out because now I will be able to trace the current from the CC
to the rear defrost relay, to the grid on the window and should be able
to isolate the problem UNLESS..... the 87 CC is not compatible with the
86 wiring which no one has addressed (yet, hopefully).  Note, when I
press the rear defrost button, I do NOT hear a relay click.  I am going
to follow this up tomorrow. Just from a logic perspective, I am inclined
to think that I need a pre 87 CC.  The 86 harness plugs into the 87 CC
but the 87 CC has the added diagnostic features which means the wiring
to the plug must be different in some ways....yes.....no.....maybe?  I
figure it is possible that the output for the rear window defrost may
not be in the same place on the 87 CC as the 86, even thought the
hi,lo,auto,econo and windshield defrost buttons all work.  If anybody
knows for sure please let me know.  If you don't know for sure, but have
some reasonable ideas, I'd sure like to hear them.

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>From: 	Fred Munro[SMTP:munrof@isys.ca]
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>Hi Ti;
>    The CC system on my '91 200q was a GM unit, as was the one in my '86
>5ktq. On both cars, the rear defrost was controlled by a switch in the row
>of switches on the centre console, the same as the S4. In fact, the switches
>used in the 200q are identical to the switches used in the S4. Maybe the
>Canadian cars have a different set-up than the U.S. cars.
>Fred Munro
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>Subject: Re: climate control replacement
>> Fred Munro writes:
>> > Hmm, interesting, Stephane. These defrost circuits pull a lot of power,
>> > there may be a relay somewhere. The switches on a climate control unit
>> > not usually very heavy duty. I've never seen a rear window defrost
>switch in
>> > the CC head - my '86 5ktq had the switch on the dash from what I recall.
>> Fred, you must have forgotten, then.  All North American 84 and later
>> type 44 cars with the GM-sourced climate control have the rear
>> window defogger switch on the climate control panel.  However, you
>> are right in that the defogger is a heavy current consumer and there
>> is a separate relay that activates it.  The switch on the CC is merely
>> a momentary touch button that tells the CC head to activate/deactivate
>> said relay.  On most type 44s (except the 1984 non-turbo) this relay
>> is on the auxiliary relay panel under the dash, the rightmost one on
>> the bottom row,  This panel is accessible via the little door under the
>> dash.
>> On the 92 and later style climate controls (such as on your S4), the
>> rear window defogger switch is a separate switch on the center console.
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