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'88 5kcstq stalling/nostart problem, and thoughts...

I actually was able to start the '88 5kcstq today, and it idled for a 
while before dying and refusing to start again.  It was the first 
opportunity I had to get some of that Techron through the system.

I moved the car to a more permanent place, and I should soon have 
some time to do a step by step troubleshooting sequence.

I think I'll start by looking for vacuum leaks, inspecting the hoses 
and such.  Then I'll make sure the plugs and cap/rotor look good.

Oh yeah, I dumped the codes again, and as usual, there was only 
4444 displayed.  Fuel pump still makes noise that is in synch with 
the stalling/hiccuping.  Seems to dislike me giving it gas when it's 
idling, when I ease up on the accelerator it seems to be able to 
"catch up" and smooth out.  But, when it begins to die, no pedal 
manipulation has any effect.

I'm still not sure what the next step is for diagnosis, or rather, the 
first "real" step towards diagnosis.  Steve B. suggested I look to 
the fuel pressure regulator, but I'm not really sure how to go about 
doing that.  I got from the SJMAutotechnik site some info about 
some kind of J.C. Whitney tool that can be used to test the 
system, but their website doesn't have that kind of detail, and I 
don't have a catalog around.  I guess I could dig it up, or order a 
new one.  Don't know what to do with it once I get it tho'.

Also, now that I'm back to three cars, I think I'm leaning back 
towards using the 5kcstq motor for the 4kstq project.  It is a shame 
to part out a whole car, but I really want a turbo 4kq, I have too 
many cars right now (that don't run!), and I'd rather have a 20vt if I'm 
going to have a Type 44.

The good news tho', for those who frown upon piecing out good 
Type 44 cars, is that before I use the motor for the conversion, I will 
get it running and chipped to make sure it's healthy.  So, there's 
still chance for the car to really grow on me.

Thanks for reading,