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Re: Type 44 rear sway bar (and some bitching)

In a message Sendt: 23. oktober 1999 18:40
Javad desided to say:
>  If anyone out there wants to put
> a rear bar on, do it!  Evaluate it and continue to modify different areas
> the suspension.
>Some of you are trying to redesign your rear suspensions, and dont even
> really know the function of a rear sway bar.  I suggest learning how to
> install one and learn its effect on your given application, and go from
> there.  Its all a learning process, do what it takes to learn and go from
> there!
> Keep on tweeking,
> Javad

Many of us listener's to the different threads at the Audi-fans "round
are not proffesional considering cars. But we have the interest.
We don't have the possibillity of just trying different brands of springs,
or sway bars. We don't have a garage to do the exchanging of components
so every "hopefully" improvement have to be paid for and the choose of
components depend on our own private vallet and what we thought to be
And we don't have a slaloom track to veryfie and document the results but
to believe in "feelings" when we are cornering on publich roads.

I find that the different information from all participants are valuable to
 We don't have to make the same errors again and again and the mind is
opened up
for solutions never thought about.

Claus Vegener