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Re: '90 200q - A few nagging problems

Hi Tony;

    I believe the wiper motor has an internal cam that controls power flow
to the motor so the wipers will always stop in the down position. I've never
had a problem with the wipers, but there was some discussion on this a year
ago or so where a lister described the internal mechanism. You could try an
archive search.

    The problem with the recirc flap is usually a broken spring mount or a
spring that has come off the door. Without the spring assist, the door
cannot close and you always have internal air recirc.

    Two of the grid lines in the rear window are the antenna - these are
inactive and do not heat up. Check the fuse, the wiring connectors at the
window, and the main vertical grids for breaks. Given the power consumption
of this circuit, there is a relay somewhere that is activated by the switch.
Ti Kan has recently posted that the relay is located in the auxiliary relay
panel under the dash, bottom row, rightmost relay on most Type 44s.

    AFAIK, there is no adjustment for steering boost - what the pump
delivers is what you get. The steering on an Audi Type 44 is heavier than
the typical North American domestic car. The '89 - '91 Type 44s have lighter
steering than the earlier Type 44s, but it is still heavier than NA
domestics. Personally, I prefer the heavier steering - I find it gives
better road feel at highway speed.


Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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1.  My '90 200q windshield wipers are giving me fits.  They want to turn off
about 1/2 to 1/3 of the way up the windshield.  Also, if I have them on
intermittent, they stop part way up between pulses.  Sometimes they correct
themself after while if I leave them on.  I have found out that I can get
them to stop down on the bottom if I use the one-wipe function (pull down on
wiper switch) and only pull it down for a split second.  But then the next
time I use them they are screwed up again.  What governs the stopping point
on these things?  The real puzzler is the fact they self-correct after
while, although this has only happened twice, now they seem to be messed up
all the time.  Anybody else had this problem?

2.  Every once in a while my windows will all fog up.  I know that this is
caused by the re-circulation door under the dash on the passengers side
sticking open.  The question is, why does it stick open? Bad spring?  Need
lube?  Bad vacuum line?  I would like to know a little about how this thing
operates before I go tearing into it and really screw it up.

3.  My rear window defroster doesn't work.  When I push the button there is
a slight delay before the light comes on, but nothing happens on the back
window.  Is there a connection point that commonly fails on these, or could
this be switch failure?  Today I am going to look under the rear shelf and
try to find the wires for it.  Another problem that seems like it might go
hand in hand with this, is my AM/FM radio reception is very poor.  Car has
the Audi/Bose system and I have read that one of the antennas is built into
the rear window.  Does it use the rear window defroster wiring for the
antenna?  I'm hoping that fixing one problem will cure the other.  If not,
how do I get to the back of this stupid radio to make sure the antenna is
plugged in good into the back of the head unit?

4.  The steering on this car seems quite heavy to me.  Is this an indication
that the pump is going out?  I remember reading someplace here that there is
an adjustment on these to set how heavy the steering operates.  How do you
adjust it and is it something I can do myself or is it better left to a

Thanks in advance,
Tony Fordham

'90 200q
'90 90