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Re: audisaster and so on

Well, here goes..... I know of around 4 S4s unsold and 2 or 3 A6 2.7s and 
V8s.  Yes, there was a miscoding issue and a snafu on equipment shipped on 
the boat with the A6s, but basically this is Audi messing up period.  The 
dealers ALL had chances to see and drive the cars before they showed up on 
the trailer- so that's bull.  My S4 was supposed to be Santorin/Onyx-Silver 
alcantera, but it came in Silver leather.  I decided to take the car, if Audi 
replaces the wood trim with the aluminum  3 reasons- 1. It looks way better 
in person than in the brochure.  2. Easier to keep clean than alcantera.  3. 
I didn't want to wait 4 months for my car to be "rebuilt."
On a positive note, I met with the Audi service rep on Friday to discuss my 
father's 1999 A8 which we took delivery of less than 2 months and 3800 miles 
ago.  It's averaged one trip (120 miles round trip) back to the dealer every 
1.5 weeks, and the car, I believe, was in an accident prior to us taking 
delivery.  The rep looked at the fender lines first, and to my amazement, he 
said, "Yes, this fender is bent."  Personally, I wouldn't have said bent, 
especially to a customer- I thought it was just misaligned (probably from an 
accident).  He also saw how our car rode differently (more harshly, almost as 
if it has sport rear springs) than the other A8s.  Anyhow, Audi stepped up to 
the plate (if they didn't I'd sue them and have dad buy choice #2, an LS400) 
and is replacing the car with a new 2000 model.  In the long run, we made out 
well because of this- newer styled car, "worth" more, and no money 
difference.  I have to hand it to Audi.  He didn't try to shirk (almost, but 
I stopped that)- stepped right up and offered us a new car.  Of course, we 
did buy a car with a sticker of $69,500. and have ALL kinds of problems.  
Electrical, suspension, body panel, etc...
Well, the dealer also told me he ordered an S4 for himself in yellow with 
onyx/silver alcantera and it came in to port (not delivered to the dealer, 
yet) with all silver leather.  Yellow car with all silver leather?  What the 
HELL were they thinking????  Black, sure... but silver.....  I dunno....
Anyhow, I'm looking forward to our hopefully trouble free 2000 A8 in a week 
or so, and my 2000 S4 on Tues.  BTW, the xenon headlamps on the 1999 A8 work 
very well.

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo (finally) @aol.com