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Re: 4K Q exhaust questions

In a message dated 99-10-24 20:48:13 EDT, you write:

<< 1. Does anyone make a decent, affordable aftermarket exhaust for the 4KQ? 
I'm looking for a better 
 sound and flow than the labrynthian OEM setup. 
 2. I seem to recall a thread about exhaust for an 86 with a glass pack and a 
Borla at the rear?? 
 I'm looking for specifics here, manufacturer and model of the glass pack? 
Which Borla? What 
 3. Can anyone recommend a good custom exhaust shop in the Boston, MA area to 
do the work. I ain't 
 got me a pipe bender yet....
 TIA >>

Hey ya.  There are 3 aftermarket systems for the 4KQ.  Stebro (stainless, 
expensive), Scorpion( stainless, expensive) and Blaufergnugen's (not sure).  
I have the stebro system.  Nice?  Yep.  Cheap? Nope. Any good muffler shop 
should be able to make a decent exhaust, and I know of one near me (although 
it would take you some time to get here, I live in RI.)  But, if you want to 
come down and check out the exhaust on my 4000CSQ, I'd be happy to show it to 
you.  It's pretty cool.

Carter J
86 4000CS Quattro
86 Coupe GT