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944 turbo after-run pump report

Well gang,

I know I was supposed to report on this but I just got the chance to install
it this afternoon.  As many of you know, I decided to find a lighter and
more stock alternative to the Shogun and the OE after-run coolant pumps.
Well, what I decided on was a stock 944 turbo pump.  I got mine used for
$35, but can be hand BRAND NEW for $97 from Parts Heaven (a great Porsche
parts resource).

So, I installed it today.  It is about the same size and shape of the OE
pump (which makes me belive they are not much different in desighn), but are
definatley different manufacturers.  It fits perfectly in the stock
location.  It does require splicing the wires as the connectors are
completely different.

It appears the Audi pump has two positive leads (not sure why) which were
plugged into one side of the Audi connector, single ground was the other.
So, I twisted the two red positive wires together at the end and connected
it up with the positive (black) wire off the new Porsche pump using a butt
connector.  I connected the ground (brown) of the Audi connector to the
ground (brown) wire off the Porsche pump with another butt connector.
That's it!  Oh, and no hose adapters needed!!!!!!  Just plug it up.  Oh,
just take off the coolant reservoir cap to release some pressure from the
system or you may end up with hot coolant all over the place like me when
taking off the old coolant lines.  You may have to top up your expansion
tank if this happens.  I was actually glad it happend as it gave me a chance
to add more coolant (vs. water) to the mixture for winter.  Took me a little
longer, but will probably take a competent individual all of 20-30 minutes
to install.  Very easy.

As for whether it works.... Yes, it does!!!!  It seems to work quite well
(at least compared to my old one).  I, of course, really can't tell HOW
well.  And, can't really compare it to the Shogun pump as I never hooked
that one up.  To check whether your old pump is working (or in my case, to
test the new one) disconnect the negative wire off the radiator fan, then
pull off the two wires that connect on the temp sender at where the upper
rad hose connects to the block.  Right there you will see two wires...
disconnect them both and pull back the sheathing to expose the female plugs.
Touch them together and you should hear the pump turn on and cycle coolant.
Touch it and feel both the hoses for coolant flow...you should be able to
kinda feel coolant flowing through them.  The reason I say to disconnect the
rad fan is it is too noisy to hear the pump over (it would turn on when
those wires are connected as well).  BTW, It's a 10mm nut that holds the
negative wire on the back of the rad fan if that saves you a minute
searching for the right size wrench or socket.

Well, all I can say is my Porsche turbo aux coolant pump seems to work fine.
I can't say whether it would work better than a new Audi one, but I
guaruntee you it can work no worse and I think it's probably a little bit

BTW, I cheaped out and bought a used part (I was lucky though) but it is
reccomended that you buy a new one.  As I stated before, you can get a NEW
944 turbo coolant pump from Parts Heaven for $97.  This is cheaper than the
OEM Audi pump and it is about the same price as some places wanted for used
ones!  List is like $149, and so I think Parts Heaven has the best deal
around.  No affiliations, just stating what I found.  Their number is
1-800-767-7250.  Sorry I don't have a part number but tell them you want a
new 944 turbo after-run coolant pump.  They will know it.

Hope this helps some people and may be an alternative to those who don't
want to use the Shogun pump.  I just wanted to see if it works and it works
beautifully.  IMHO, the Shogun pump is too big, too heavy, and a little
overkill for this application, but it can't hurt.  I just would rather have
something that fits in the stock location.  But, if anyone wants a Shogun
pump, I will sell you mine for $70 (I paid $75 a month ago).

'89 200tq ... Porsche after-run coolant pump which is actually pumping!  :)