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Arrgh! Warm engine leads to stalling!

I too have idle problems.  Well, not actually me, but my 89 100 2.3L.

I have been trying to talk various family members into buying Audi, but with 
the trouble I've had with the idle alone, I'm not going to see any success!  
So please help me redeem myself.

I have posted before on this, and lister's suggestions (thank you) did 
improve the situation, but now it has become worse, to the point of being 


1) Idles great at cold start.
2) Warms up and quickly drops to about 1mm above 1st notch on tach.
3) When temp gauge is about 10 o'clock, rpms drop to right about first notch 
on tach.
4) Gets a little warmer, check engine light will flash intermittently, and 
will stall at intersections.
5) Runs fine when not idling. (Going down the road.)

Already done:

1) Clean throttle body and ISV (helped for 2 months)
2) New Bosch O2 sensor (idle flucuated wildly prior to replacement)
3) New ISV
4) New temp sender at junction at front, top right of head
This sender is reading ~370 ohms.  Is this correct?
5) New gauge sender below above. (Gauge wasn't working when car purchased.)
6) Plugs, wires, cap, rotor all 2 months new.
7) Air and fuel filter both new.
8) Took it to local dealer, they couldn't find anything wrong with it, 
including codes.

What haven't I tried?  Any ideas?



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