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Re: Xenon lights, help?

At 16:57 99-10-22 -0500, Copley One wrote:

>I'v never driven the new A6 at night.
>All I can tell you is that TWICE i've been followed by one (once on the
>twisties up the HH Pkwy at midnight after a long day in the city) and I
>wanted to get out of my car and kick the guy's ass driving the car for
>flashing them at me incessantly. It took me the longest time to figure
>out that the road surface was causing this. Seriously annoying - what's
>the fix?

On European models the Xenon lights are equipped with a system which keeps
the headlights level regardless of car body movements. I've heard that such
system is illegal by DOT regulations (?) and that's why it's absent on US

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 5KT