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Quattro towing question

On saturday, my car got towed by the City of Boston. Fudge, I said.
When I tried to ask the tow lot attendant what method did they use to
tow my car she would not tell me.  She even did not want to show me the
towing report.  All she said is that the tow truck drivers are properly
trained and if there are any problems with the car to come see her.

I went to the lot and looked at the car. Everything seemed O.K. I
noticed that the front of the car had a lot of road grime/ mud as if it
was being driven behind a truck without mud guards (like behind a tow
truck?).  I got into the car and started to drive the car around the
parking lot. Tried going slow, fast, center differential locked, rear
differential locked, etc.  The driveline seemed O.K. All I got is funny
looks from the lot attendant. Finally, I drove home.

So far, the car seems O.K. However, I still feel uncomfortable about
this incident. My question is whether the driveline got damaged, but the
damage is not apparent to me.  What are the signs of driveline damage
inflicted by towing the car by the 2-wheels on the ground method? I
suspect that the car was towed that way because of the pattern of the
splashed dirt and because one of the city tow truck drivers told me once
that they tow 4-wheel drive vehicles using their regular trucks if the
vehicles are standard.


Boston, MA
88 5ksq