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RE: Where Is The Love?

We all just hate you! it's not the Audi thing, it's you............
If there was a good looking girl (or a guy, whatever your taste is!) seating
in your car, we all would wave, heck even get out of the car if need be! Or
more.............(use your imagination for the rest).
If your car was "half way decent" ..........
Wait till you brake down!
By the way, do you anything about Tor*en differentials?............if you
do, that could elevate you to heights you never dreamed of!
Take care,
Pocking a little fun at Scott

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I still don't understand people.  I wave to every Audi driver I pass
(quattro or non-quattro), maybe they don't share our opinions about their
cars, but if someone waves to why not wave back?  Are people getting that
anti-social?  I get more waves from high school kids driving hopped up VW's.


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