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RE: hydraulic (koni) vs. gas (bilstein) struts

I wouldn't completely trust Mark at shox.com.  His statement that the 20V
requires the sport Bilstein is not true.  There are some (myself included)
running the longer HD, even with lowering springs (I have H&R).  The
longer shock raises the ride height a little, reducing the drop caused by
the springs.  No problem with them bottoming out.
As for the coil-overs, that is the slickest setup.  Customize the spring
rates and the ride height is adjustable.  That would be my choice if
I were starting over today.

Matt Rooke

>My problem with the Bilsteins is that they are "only" the monotube ones, not
>the double-chamber ones.  Whereas the Konis seem higher performance.  I
>believe Mark (from shox) said:
>>>Which Konis and which bilsteins are these?  (ie yellows?, stock ride
>>>height, etc.)
>>Both are sports. Koni only makes sports, and the 20Valve requires the
>>Bilstein 1" shorter shaft "sports" whether you change springs or not.
>So are these Bilsteins somehow different from the ones you guys are thinking
>I'm pretty sure I'll be going with coil-overs from Vortrag as well, if this
>changes anything (probably will lower the car .5 and that's it).