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Re: 4K Q exhaust questions

I've go a Strebro stainless steel cat back system on mine.  I basically got
tired of replacing the factory-type mild steel system about every 18 months.
The Stebro system ain't cheap though.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of
US$800 (maybe a bit more).  However, it looks and sounds really cool, and it
should last a while.  Another point..the Stebro 4000q system is designed to
fit the 86 and later 4kq.  I had to modify the dual rear pipes slightly to
fit the 84 rear valence.  So I am into it for much more than $800.

Best Regards,

Gerry Snow
Spokane, Washington, USA
84 4000q

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Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 6:16 PM
Subject: 4K Q exhaust questions

>The exhast on my 87 4KCSQ has finally given up and needs to be replaced. AT
LAST!! I'm cleaning
>out from the cat back....
>I have a few questions...
>1. Does anyone make a decent, affordable aftermarket exhaust for the 4KQ?
I'm looking for a better
>sound and flow than the labrynthian OEM setup.
>2. I seem to recall a thread about exhaust for an 86 with a glass pack and
a Borla at the rear??
>I'm looking for specifics here, manufacturer and model of the glass pack?
Which Borla? What
>3. Can anyone recommend a good custom exhaust shop in the Boston, MA area
to do the work. I ain't
>got me a pipe bender yet....