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AC Hoses and Compressors

My 4kq was in a minor accident that unfortunately resulted in a v-belt
cutting through my AC hose.

Prior to the accident my AC system showed the following symptoms:

*Cooing was not up to par. (low Freon due to leak?)
*Compressor, clutch or pulley (something up front when AC was turned on)
would make an intermittent moaning sound and seemed to have a more
significant effect on the motor power and idle speed than my previous 4k
did. (bad bearing?)
*I could hear an intermittent shhhsssh from behind the glove box. (low Freon

I'm looking for some advice on which route I should go on restoring my

I have a hunch that the compressor was bad.  Should I buy new, used or
rebuilt?  Freon or the new stuff?

If I buy a used unit, complete with hoses, are there seals that I should
replace?  Difficult?

Seattle, WA