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coolant collector information

Hi All,
 To recap, my wife's '91 200q has an 'O' ring that is leaking where the
'water' or coolant collector attaches to the head. Didi at Carlsen has it
listed in her parts catalogs and she say it is called a "water collector".
Two different shops I've spoken to find no reference to it on AllData.
 When mechanics start telling me they can't find something like a part
reference I start wondering how much time I have that weekend. I must be
getting old or something but I really don't feel like working on this car.
Hell, I don't even want to work on my beloved quattro or my 90q right now.
 So, any of you out there have listings for this part.? I'm guessing it is a
cross-over to the S4/S6 too. The job looks straight forward enough but time
consuming too. Anyone show a listing in AllData?

Anton J. Gaidos, III

1991 200 quattro 20 valve Turbo
1990 90 quattro 20 valve
1985 quattro Turbo Coupe