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Re: 4K Q exhaust questions

They are aluminized steel from what I have heard and that is what it appears 
to be to me on my car also the actual muffler anyway.  If it and when it does 
give out I am almost positive I am going with the Stebro stainless system as 
the looks are good and seems to perform decently; however, if Bosal comes up 
with a Bro-Speed system for my 4000 you can bet with much money I will spare 
no expense and go with that to bad they don't make one for older Audi's now.  
I am also interested at what can be done with my Quantum exhaust system as I 
have to replace most (if not all) of it from the manifold back (encounters 
backing into dips) and was wondering if you could use a JT exhaust manifold 
and CAT and then build a custom system back to the tail pipe.  Guarantee 
better gas mileage possibly more quiet and more horsey power, what is there 
to loose?

Britton Ingraham

87 4000 CS quattro
85 Quantum GL5
73 Beetle

LOOKING FOR!  88-87 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 5 speed.  Need not run but must 
have great looking body and interior that means NO RUST!  All colors are good 
but would prefer not to have Tornado Red the other lighter red is Awesome 
though and silver is really good!