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world's worst brake pads

I only wish I knew what they were.  Came mounted on some rebuilt 85 4kq
calipers I bought when I went to 16v scirocco rotors (10" vented, 4 x
100).  Ever since that supposed brake upgrade I have had pulling, a soft
pedal and all sorts of irritating brake attitude.

So I threw on some Ate power discs (did I mention the new rotors also
had a nice warp developed as well) and new PBR something pads.  These
pads were sorta cool looking, if you like cancer - they actually were
fuzzy and white on the friction face and reminded me of the asbestos
covered pipes we used to swing from in the locker room after soccer

But I digress.  

These went on Saturday.  No playing with fluid at all (The pulling/soft
pedal made me think I had some bubbles).  Now the brakes feel right. 
soft grab right away with a firmer and firmer feel as I press.  The
atomic grooves in the rotors have filled up nicely with pad material
(someone should market colored pads to go with these rotors!) and there
is no pull, etc, etc.  I also replaced my rear bearings cause I was
bored but I didn't touch the rear brakes at all (the vibration back
there is the really old Contis I guess)

So I wonder what those crap pads were so I could slag them...  and why
caliper rebuilders would use them?

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250