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Reality Audi demolishing

Hi all,

There was this reality cop show on TV last night, where two Audis bit the
dust- in Amsterdam,
one post-'84 B2 90 in dark green metallic which was hit in the side by an
Opel Astra (shame, there aren't that many 90s on the roads here anymore,
and this one looked really good before the crash). Considering the blow,
the Audi (which was hit broadside by the Astra doing at least 50mph) looked
pretty good. The doors and B-pillar were pushed in, but they didn't intrude
into the interior more than 2in by my estimate. The occupants were able to
leave the car easily on the passenger side.

A car that didn't fare that well was a post-'87 Audi 90 in Rotterdam (I was
unable to verify whether it's an FWD or a q). The driver went too fast in a
turn and lost control, plowing into some minivan (Plymouth?) and coming to
a halt on the sidewalk. The car looked OK (apart from one front corner
being pushed in), but apparently there was some intrusion into the interior
as the driver was trapped in the car and pretty severely hurt. They had to
take the roof off to get the guy out. I know it's sick, but I'm going to
see if I can get to the remains of this car for parts- it was the exact
same colour as mine, had an undamaged passenger front door as far as I
could see, and excellent Speedlines. These cars are _really_ rare here in
Holland, I can't find any 90s in scrapyards here.


Tom Nas
Zeist, The Netherlands
1987 Audi 90q (NG engine)