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Re: Sad Q day here-Welcome to my nightmare

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From: David G <daveglu@hotmail.com>
To: <Cynic5KS@aol.com>; <quattro@audifans.com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 1:25 AM
Subject: Sad Q day here-Welcome to my nightmare

> !

oh my god!!!!!!!

more like !!!!!!!!!!!! instead of !

David, I am very sorry for your loss.  This sounds like a classic case of
very very bad luck.  If nothing else, Those kids better damn well feel sorry
for what they have done/destroyed.  Just remember that metal can be
replaced.  Be glad that you and nobody else got caught in that fire.  My god
man.  I am so sorry for you.  A sad day indeed.  Best of luck to you


>    Well a very sad day in quattro land here, kids playing with matches
> my storage building down this morning.
>   Along with many parts from a parted 89 200tq and an 85 4kq (that I just
> put there this week) was my 19' 1986 boat $7k, my first car 75 mustang II
> (hard to get people to feel sorry for me there) but it did have a very
> 289 in it, 79 Honda CBX 6cyl street bike (perfect and unreplaceable) First
> production bike into the 10's (if you don't know what it is see
> http://cbx.iperweb.com (no relation), 76 CJ5, extra aluminum wheels to
> everything I own (melted)  and
> too many various VW/Audi parts to list (or even think about).
>   One of the kids parents was very rude to me just adding insult to it and
> didn't even seem to understand what they took from me and I CAN'T legally
> explain it too them as I doubt any legal method could squeez blood out of
> turnup (or explain what blood is) They even refused to have the kid out
> watching me clean up the mess as they didn't want him sitting out in the
> rain!@#$%. But I did get to talk with the kids dad on the phone  BTW (he
> on work release)
>   The other talked politely and said sorry, wish they could do something
> with raising 4 kids on $7.50 an hour as a single parent.......
>  The building was not on my property and not mine though I built it for
> storage rights.  I am told that even IF there was home owners insurance it
> would not cover contents of an out-building and I know it wouldn't cover
> licensed vehicles, I have no coverage either.
>  So there is NO way for me to recover ANY of my loss
>   Project 4kqt unharmed except parts for 5lug/G60 conversion
>  I hope to wake up from this nightmare soon!
> My 3 yr old daughter is the BEST, she told mom that she is saving her
> to buy me a new M/C (not MC)
>  Dave, sucks to be me today (trying to keep tears off of the keyboard)
> http://www.pelkie.com/mycars.htm