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Re: Sad Q day here-Welcome to my nightmare

Sorry for your loss, David.  You probably should seek a court judgment
against the two families just to have in place in the event they win the
lottery or something.

Everyone also should consult their insurance agency regarding outbuilding
and storage contents coverage.   Talk to the licensed agent, not the
clerical worker handling renewals.  You CAN insure ANYTHING against such
losses through either a separate policy or a rider to your general
coverage.  All you need to do is find the knowledgeable agent to point you
to the correct coverage for your circumstances.   Some things are
irreplaceable, but a cash settlement can take some of the "burn" out of the

Kneale Brownson

At 10:25 PM 10/25/99 -0700, David G wrote:
>   Well a very sad day in quattro land here, kids playing with matches burnt
>my storage building down this morning.
>  Along with many parts from a parted 89 200tq and an 85 4kq (that I just
>put there this week) was my 19' 1986 boat $7k, my first car 75 mustang II
>(hard to get people to feel sorry for me there) but it did have a very built
>289 in it, 79 Honda CBX 6cyl street bike (perfect and unreplaceable) First
>production bike into the 10's (if you don't know what it is see
>http://cbx.iperweb.com (no relation), 76 CJ5, extra aluminum wheels to most
>everything I own (melted)  and
>too many various VW/Audi parts to list (or even think about).
>  One of the kids parents was very rude to me just adding insult to it and
>didn't even seem to understand what they took from me and I CAN'T legally
>explain it too them as I doubt any legal method could squeez blood out of a
>turnup (or explain what blood is) They even refused to have the kid out
>watching me clean up the mess as they didn't want him sitting out in the
>rain!@#$%. But I did get to talk with the kids dad on the phone  BTW (he is
>on work release)
>  The other talked politely and said sorry, wish they could do something but
>with raising 4 kids on $7.50 an hour as a single parent.......
> The building was not on my property and not mine though I built it for
>storage rights.  I am told that even IF there was home owners insurance it
>would not cover contents of an out-building and I know it wouldn't cover
>licensed vehicles, I have no coverage either.
> So there is NO way for me to recover ANY of my loss
>  Project 4kqt unharmed except parts for 5lug/G60 conversion
> I hope to wake up from this nightmare soon!
>My 3 yr old daughter is the BEST, she told mom that she is saving her money
>to buy me a new M/C (not MC)
> Dave, sucks to be me today (trying to keep tears off of the keyboard)