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Question about shocks

Hello alls !

I just suscribed to the list because i just bought an Audi ... as described:
black '89 Audi 90 non quattro in very good condition
2.2E (5cyl 136hp) engine (i love the sound of it since many years...)
manual 5sp transmission
quite low mileage: 125 000 km

I soon have one major question because noise and comfort on bad road surfaces is quite bad:
may new front shocks (which are actually stock ones) improve those aspects: NOISE and COMFORT on bad surfaces and absorption of SMALL impacts, considering that i don't actually really care about high speed behaviour on good roads...

Please send me your idea directly to  augustin.barennes@wavecom.fr   because i am a digest reader...
Thanks !

'89 90 non Q'