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Re: Stebro Exhaust Option?

I replaced the cat back system from Stebro and have been very happy with it.
It's on a 90 90Q20V, fit was very good and has a deeper growl. In fact I
took it to the Audi dealer and had them install, the remarked about the fit
and finish, they had another 90Q20V in and bought a Stebro over the

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999 00:55:46 -0400, AW wrote:

> I need to replace the rear muffler on my '90 80Q (the center muffler is
> still in good shape).  How do listers who have tried the Stebro like
> it?  I saw the Ansa mufflers advertised in the lastest Blau flyer, but
> the Stebro seems comparable in price to the Ansa sport muffler in the
> ad.  Has anyone tried the Ansa sport?
> TIA.
> Andy
> 80Q

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