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Re: Turbo after-run pump

At 23:40 99-10-25 +0100, Jim Haseltine wrote:

>The whole thing seized on mine - couldn't ever turn the impellor with a
>lever, used so much force that the impellor blades gave up before anything

This is the exact way in which my previous coolant pump failed - and it had
less than 30k miles on it!
The problem is caused (again) by the fact that the impeller is driven by a
magnet. No matter how frequently you have your cooling system flushed,
there always will be some rust particles flowing through the system. Those
particles stick to the impeller (as it has a magnet inside) and finally so
much crud accumulates between the impeller and the pump body that it
seizes. If you are _very_ careful, you can disassemble the plastic impeller
housing (it appears to be glued), remove the impeller, clean it and
reassemble everything using JBWeld or something to glue two halves of the
housing. I failed - the plastic cracked while I was trying to separate
them. Very annoying when you have to replace a $120 part only because it's
dirty inside.

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 5KT