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Re: Welcome to my nightmare --- more on new 5ktq clutch that slips


>>>>> Regarding my clutch problems, you said:

  MA> I think you're gonna hafta take this apart again. (ugh).

I've been bracing myself for this.

  MA> Here's a conflicting note I found written into my Haynes book
  MA> from an old post here on the Q-list:

  MA> >> If you used the Haynes manual to assemble the clutch, the
  MA> >> pictures on pages 154 and 155 are WRONG - the clutch disc IS
  MA> >> REVERSED in the pictures. The "snout" at the center should
  MA> >> point to the BACK of the car, AWAY from the flywheel. The
  MA> >> spring side faces the flywheel, not the clutch cover side.

  MA> >> And of course, these photos are from the Bentley book (30.2
  MA> >> and 30.8), which not only shows the pressure plate in the
  MA> >> incorrect orientation, but also SAYS the springs face the
  MA> >> pressure plate!

Yikes!  Can this really be so?  I followed the Bentley book to the
tee.  My blind faith in Bentley was so high that didn't even bother
recording the orientation of the disk I removed.

Incidentally, why did you say "conflicting"?  These two comments seem
to agree.

  MA> I have *NOT* BTDT on this, so if someone has a 5K engine out,
  MA> please take a look at the clutch plate and tell us all which way
  MA> it faces!

I agree.  If correct, this almost seems important enough to add the
message that a new quattro-list receives to confirm his subscription :-)

This has to rank among the greatest ambushes of all times.

I will try to get independent verification of this.

  MA> Another hint is the statement in Bentley as follows: "Clutch is
  MA> treated (greased) for corrosion proofing. Only clean friction
  MA> surfaces!"this refers to the pressure plate, and not the
  MA> friction disc, obviously.

I found that comment (after assembly) and it disturbed me.  However,
Blau assures me that this is not the case.  SACHS seems to use tar
paper instead.

Thanks for your imput Mike.