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Brake warning light problems

I have been experiencing a strange problem with my 
88 80Q. My idle problem is almost solved pending the
delivery of the correct parts. Last week I noticed that
my brake warning light would come on sometimes for a 
second when cornering off or onto streets where the surface was a 
bit raised. My brake fluid level was a little bit above
low and I figured that it had something to do with the
fluid moving about in the reservoir. When I bought the
car, the brake fluid cap was missing and the brake
pedal went all the way to the floor and always stayed there. 
Everyone thought that it was the MC but one mechanic 
solved the problem for $20 and said that the cruise control
switch was faulty and he said something about adjusting
a spring. ( I have looked for the invoice without much luck
and will do a repost if I am lucky enough to find it with the
details of what he did). I was at the bank last Thursday
and as I started to move, it felt like the e-brake was on. 
but it quickly disappeared. I didn't think much of it till
Friday when a friend pointed out that I'd left my lights on. 
Truth is, it was the brake lights that were on, I touched 
the pedal and they went off. I added some Dot 5+ non-silicone
fluid compatible with Dot 4 and ordered some 'super blue' so
that the system could be flushed. The brake warning light
is gone, only flickered once the other day on a hard turn.
However the brake pedal feels like it goes just a little bit more
lower than usual and looking sometimes in the rear view mirror, the
brake light sometimes remains on (at night) even after I stop depressing
it (over the last three days) but not constantly, it quickly goes
off when I start moving and I don't quite feel any resistance
when the car starts to move. Sometimes while stationary I will depress
the pedal and it seems to work perfectly, the rear lights will come on 
and off. I am now left wondering what it could be this time around. 
Whether it is the MC finally giving in for having the reservoir being
left open over a period of time before I got the car in January when
I got it covered or the same $20 problem or could it be a new thing ?

Mike Theuri
88 80Q 163K