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RE: world's worst brake pads

Don't know I never had a problem with the PBR's not 'working' for seconds,
the do have a hesitation feel IME.  There would be pedal feel, but little
'stopping power', then they would kick in full boar.  I ran them in the snow
and had about the same results, first few moments would be a little scary,
but I never thought it was a matter of seconds before they worked.

-- Jim

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		I have the same combe Ate' and PDR, the pads can be pretty
darn scary.  The 
		first drive I had with them I realized they have to warm up
a little before 
		they were affective.  What I didn't realize it that going
off an exit ramp 
		at 75-80 in the rain was a bad idea.  They were usless for
about 5 seconds 
		before they hooked up, I almost %@#* my pants.  I didn't
think I was gonna 
		stop.  Is this the same issue in the snow?


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