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Re: More Type 44 fun

In message <4.1.19991026120300.00984cf0@traverse.com> Kneale Brownson writes:

> When I removed the A/C condenser box from my 5kcstq (nonfunctional A/C) to
> make it possible to replace my heater blower fan without disrupting all the
> plumbing for the vents, etc., the box containing the condenser was fastened
> to the firewall by screws in the location you describe, Phil.  Perhaps the
> bolts are hex-headed sheetmetal screws?  The screws on mine seemed to be
> about an inch longer than needed just to hold the box against the firewall.

This is an aftermarket a/c, don't forget - all bets are off.

Anyway - the mighty Dremel wins again.

 Phil Payne
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