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Need Automatic for Air Cooled VW


No Audi content, but I'm sure if  someone can help they'll be on this
I need to find an automatic transmission to convert an air-cooled VW from
stick to auto.  The car is a model that was never imported here, but
resembles a Type 2, only with 4 doors.  

This is an act of charity,  it's for someone overseas who through fate no
longer has use of some limbs.  The mechanic there is donating his time,
I'm chipping in the shipping and paperwork, and the beneficiaries boss is
going to pay for the transmission itself.  Buying an existing automatic
car is not an option, as even the cheapest used car represents years of
wages down there.

If anyone has any info on boneyards that may have one, or any companies
that may sell rebuilt or used units, please email me privately.  Any BTDT
on such a conversion, so that if any anxilary parts are necessary I can
get and ship those together.  A rustbucket automatic air cooled VW to
strip for parts would be nice, keep an eye out. 



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