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RE: Trans cooler transfusion confusion

You are trying to mix to different generations of transaxle into one,
probable a bad idea. On the bell housing of the trans is a trans code, it is
3 letters followed by 5 numbers by the upper right bell housing bolt. I.E.
RDG  08  03 5 which means an RDG trans produced 08 day of the 03 month of
the 1985 . According to Bentley you could have a RDG (10/82 - 12/83 prod) or
a RDN (01/84 -> prod) transmission.  The RDG has a "recirculating system
3-row" cooler and the RDN has a "supply flow 3-row" cooler. Of course there
is a footnote, the RDN as of 4/10/85 has a 5-row cooler. If the housings had
the same fluid passages you could conceivable install both coolers and plumb
them into the coolant hoses but I doubt I would try it. Audi trans coolers
are know to fail and 2 would double your chances of failure. 
Jim Dupree

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		Subject:	Trans cooler transfusion confusion

		Got a differential to repalce the busted one, but it looks
like the
		replacements cooler was on the rear of the trans, and mine
is on the side.

		I see one (the aft one) plug for the cooler, and ...that's
all. The forward
		hole seems like a blind, untapped hole.

		Is it possible to convert a rear cooler diff to a side
cooler diff?

		Drill and tap?


		Steve Bigelow
		84 5000S