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RE: 80/90/100/200 door handles

> I understand that the flush door handles don't break like the old ones
> do, but that they have their own special failure mode 
> involving the lock
> cylinder?  First, is this correct?  Then, I also seem to think I've
> heard that there is a part that can be replaced with one that 
> is better
> to make the problem go away forever.  Second, is this true 
> and if it is,
> what are the details?

I've never had any door handles break on any of the 4 Audis I own other than
the V8 with the "improved" handles ... which did break as you state, with
the "special failure mode" ... which locked me completely out of my car ...
> one solution would be to use rear door handles and forgo the silliness
> of key operated door locks... but that might mean using non-Audi parts
> to set up the remote system, eh?  So before I commit to a choice I'd
> like to know the drawbacks.

Chris Miller's website has an excellent discussion of the problem and
solution with the 8x10 color glossy pictures with the circles and the arrows
and the writing on the back (it is getting close to Thanksgiving after all
:).  A broken lock will most definitely be fixed permanently using the Audi
replacement parts ... but it does involve replacement of the lock cylinders
as well as a couple internal parts.  

I don't know how you're planning the exchange ... perhaps swapping the outer
door panel from the donor would be the easiest ... if that is possible.  If
having some sort of remote control lock/unlock mechanism was a possibility,
then you could even use donors that are broken.  Since I've never taken
apart the "unreliable" style handle I don't know if the central locking
control switch in the door lock mechanism is compatible from the old to the
new, but for some reason I suspect that it is not.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)