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Re: Where Is The Love?

At 9:39 PM +0300 10/26/99, Pantelis Giamarellos wrote:
>On a different note today it was a nasty day since my CAMEL's engine blew
> It appears that engine oil fumes or oil found its way to the combustion
>chamber and the engine over reved when I started it up in the morning. Reved
>up to 180.000 rpm and then slowly died.
>Big money spending is approaching.
>thanks god it is only metal and it did not happen on the road with my family
>inside the car.

Ask Andrew Duane about this in his old Rabbit.  Motor oil is like 
super-duper nitro racing fuel to a diesel, and they just chew 
themselves to pieces.  He -was- on the highway, but if I recall, 
overpowered the engine with brakes to the point that it slowed down 
enough and stalled.

BTW, what's a 'camel'?  Never heard of that make.

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