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Re: No spark 4ktq project

> 	It stays on when ignition is in ON position and motor isn't
> running.  And NO the inputs are not jumpered anywhere.  Only change in
> wiring I made to the FP relay area is for the additional wire from the ECu
> for the FP Cutoff at overboost.  

Adding a wire?  You should be replacing a wire.  What year is the
donor engine so I can look it up in the Bentley.  BTW, for the
'86 at least, the FP relay part of the fuse panel in the
Bentley is all screwy.  It shows a contact from 48/30 to (unlabeled)
which goes to the infamous yellow wire (ground it to pull codes).
Nope, the yellow wire goes to the fuse holder and the other side
goes to ground...

>From what I can see, a BR/G wire goes from ECU pin 21 to fuse box
terminal BS.  This is the same for 84-88.  There may or may not be
a yellow wire going from ECU pin 31 to fuse box terminal ILa and on
to the check engine light.  This is 86 on.

> 	Speaking of which.  Wouldn't this wire get rid of the overboost
> cutoff and allow you to go higher than it is set for???  Im sure thats
> just wishful thinking.  Mine is hooked up.

Don't even think of it.  It's the ECU's last defence against
ruptured lower wastegate hoses and torn diaphragms.