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Re: V-8 Q, what am I missing?

 MHLIGGINS@aol.com writes:

>    I've driven a couple, they're great cars. The deeper your pockets 
>are,  the better the car will be. Timing belts at about $225 are a bit
>for me in Bucksnort. Especially since that doesn't include someone else 
>installing the thing. Plus that belt has a shorter life than for the I-5

>    If you've got the funding they're well worth your time.  ;-)

Wow, where do I sign up to sell stuff in Bucksnort?  
I bought the timing belt for my V8Q for $40.00, original Continental from
Mark at Adirondack.  I installed myself, not rocket science, but not as
easy as an I5.  Requires the manual and a few special tools, not exactly
unique in the world of high end German machinery.  Comparing the V8Q to
the 5KS,  I probably spend 1 hour of my time on maintenance/repair on the
V8Q for every 10 I spend on the 5KS.     


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