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Re: No spark 4ktq project

Thanks HUW.
	No ones ahs answered this yet though.  If I have the COIL hooked
up wrong, could this cause my FP to run continuously.  Thanks

	Todd Phenneger
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On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

> >         I have two relays.  both give same symptoms.  Any ideas.  How can
> > I check the relay>  What pins do I need to check.  And what am I looking
> > for?
> You've got the bentley.  Check for continuity between the fpr contacts
> and all the places it's contacts wires are supposed to go to, if you
> can.  battery ground pulled of course.  Oh, don;t use a test light and
> voltage , use a multimeter.  Don't to go sending big fat current down
> some wire that has a semiconductor goofing off at the other end...
> Anyway, this would be how to verify any of the wiring harness work
> you've done.  Very time consuming, but just grunt work.
> Re: painting, you brought it up already and it is something to be
> careful of - making sure the appropriate part to part grounds stay good,
> for example.  EG: on my car, the OXS is grounded through the exhaust
> piping back to the head and block.  The intake manifold, acting as the
> ground tie point for the ECU, is grounded to the head.  I tried to be
> careful and grind paint off some of these items where necessary (that
> alternator casing was a pita!).  
> It's a horror show, but you may want to verify all your wiring again as
> well....
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