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Re: Where Is The Love?

> >  >> Language note: In the UK, 'flashing' refers to the practice of (usally
> >  >> late middle aged) males opening a dirty raincoat in front of innocent
> >  >> schoolgirls whilst wearing nothing underneath.
> >  
> >  >Ah, another minor improvement instituted in the colonies... here I've
> >  >noticed it is usually the innocent schoolgirls "flashing" the middle
> >  >aged men.  Raincoats not required due to climate.
> >  
> >  Remind me to move to your neck of the woods when approaching middle age.
> >  
> Didn't Frank Zappa sing a song about this subject?

So everyone has agreed the love is in ennocent school-girls flashing
middle aged men?

Sure's a far-out topic for q-list -- but I ain't complainin'.

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