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Good place to look . . .


I *still* think you're gonna hafta take this apart again. (ugh).

Here's a clarification of the conflicting note: I remember seeing a posting
on the list about the picture in Haynes being wrong. Whoever sent it was
quite specific that the clutch driven plate (friction plate) was reversed
in the photo. He was VERY specific and very vociferous about it (kinda like
the T****n debate currently raging), and there now seems to be a good
possibility that he was wrong (also kinda like th T*****n debate). Just
beacuse someone is loud doesn't mean he's correct. (duh.) I made a note in
my Haynes to that effect, and this note may need to be removed.

Subsequently, I bought a Bentley, and have as of two days ago discovered
that the Bentley's picture seems to have been the source for the Haynes
picture. Even though the Bentley is somewhat strangely organized, some care
did go into it, so in the event of a disagreement between Haynes and
Bentley, I'd vote for Bentley. The problem is that if Bentley is wrong,
Haynes probably will be, too.

Big however: The only REAL way to determine this is to go look at a car.
Always remember that the map is not the landscape, and maps have been known
to be wrong ("dragons found here" warning, upon inspection, no dragons found).

I did get one smile out of the debate, and that was the phrase "ur5K",
which came from a recent mud-slinging-fest between two adults. (!) Now,
instead of saying "Aw, its just a 2WD 5k", I can puff out my chest and
boast about my UR-5K! I like that.

I also enjoyed the reference to phlogiston. This discredited theoretical
substance turns out to be real: It comes in recycled Chianti bottles and is
poured into the electrical systems of Italian cars to make them work
(sometimes). You think we have problems with Pentosin leaks? The phlogiston
frequently escapes in billowing clouds of smoke, and then must be replaced
at great expense. The bottles are sourced from "Maggot Marelli", or maybe
"Magnet Marelli" or similar, and are on the DOT "controlled substance"
list. (OK, stop while you're ahead, Mike.)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

>Here's a conflicting note I found written into my Haynes book from an old
post here on the Q-list:

>>If you used the Haynes manual to assemble the clutch, the pictures on
pages 154 and 155 are WRONG - the clutch disc
>>IS REVERSED in the pictures. The "snout" at the center should point to
the BACK of the car, AWAY from the flywheel.
>>The spring side faces the flywheel, not the clutch cover side.

>>And of course, these photos are from the Bentley book (30.2 and 30.8),
which not only shows the pressure plate in the
>>incorrect orientation, but also SAYS the springs face the pressure plate!