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diagnose: ignition or fuel?

What's the best way to determine if a starting/running problem is 
on the ignition side or the fuel side?

Following along the no-start 4ktq project thread has got me 
thinking about this.  Also, a friend suggested I check some wires 
to the coil, to resolve the 88 5kcstq problem I've been having.

Perhaps I should jump the fuel pump relay and try that out.

It may be very pertinent information that my car ran perfectly before 
I started it in gear and lurched it forward.  Ever since then, the 
problem started (and the car wouldn't, consistently).

I'm feeling that I should check the wires that are most likely to be 
damaged or pulled from such a move.

Comments are welcome, as always.

Thanks for all the help that has been offered thus far, and for the 
patience with my lack of progress.  I hope I'm not whining too much.