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RE: Good place to look . . .


		I *still* think you're gonna hafta take this apart again.

I don't see anyway around pulling it back out :-(


		quite specific that the clutch driven plate (friction plate)
was reversed
		in the photo. He was VERY specific 

He was also quite wrong, the pictures are correct.


		>>If you used the Haynes manual to assemble the clutch, the
pictures on
		pages 154 and 155 are WRONG - the clutch disc
		>>IS REVERSED in the pictures. The "snout" at the center
should point to
		the BACK of the car, AWAY from the flywheel.
		>>The spring side faces the flywheel, not the clutch cover

		>>And of course, these photos are from the Bentley book
(30.2 and 30.8),
		which not only shows the pressure plate in the
		>>incorrect orientation, but also SAYS the springs face the
pressure plate!

This is correct the springs face the pressure plate and the small snout
faces the flywheel. It is not possible to install the other way (monkeyladds
excepted) the springs will hit the flywheel bolts.

Possible problems I can think of: (no order, some may not even be possible,
just thoughts)
1)	Incorrect pressure plate, poss.  plate for flat flywheel pair with
recessed flywheel, weak or damaged pressure plate, pressure plate not seated
all the way on/in the flywheel.
2)	Incorrect clutch disc, poss. too thin so pressure plate does not
apply enough pressure. 
3)	Grease or oil on disc/press plate from assembly or from pilot
bearing, mainshaft seal, flywheel bolts (the holes go through the crankshaft
) or flywheel seal.
4)	Something binding the throw out arm/lever or bearing so it does not
fully release from the pressure plate.

Good luck
Jim Dupree