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944 Turbo Pump

Wallace White wrote:

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 13:17:20 -0700
From: Wallace White <wallace@remdesign.com>
Subject: Re: 944 turbo after-run pump report

"Some people here are on the P-list too, right? The mere fact
that you got a used one that works probably means it's a better design
than the Audi OEM one."

The one on my 89 944 turbo is original, and has approximately 139K mi on
it. It still runs smoothly, and quietly.

A call to a mechanic friend familiar with both Porsches and Audis says
that while both pumps tend to fail, the Audi pumps fail more often.
Also, the ends of the Audi pump are prone to breakage, whereas, with the
Porsche pump he
has yet to see one with broken ends.

Additional note: while the Audi can be upgraded to the Porsche pump
fairly easily, the larger diameter ports of the Audi pump will preclude
"bolt on" installation of the Audi pump to a Porsche.

Craig Lebakken
1986 4KQ
1989 944 Turbo