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RE: V-8 Q, what am I missing?

>      Now, let me turn that around and get some 
> information. It has been a point on the list, several times, 
> that the 5 speed V-8s are much more desirable 
> than the automatic cars. Based on reliability. That also 
> matches up with reports from other sources 
> (such as dealerships in Nashville, TN and Denver, CO). Why is 
> that? The reports are that the auto trannies 
> do not hold up and are more expensive to repair than 
> even the 3-speed slushbox. 

I don't know necessarily that the reason the 5-speeds are more desireable is
that they are more reliable.  In my case, the 5-speed was the car of choice
because it was better aligned with the sporty nature I prefer in a car.  One
of the things that is interesting about the Audi V8Q transaxle is that the
guts are standard ZF as used by other manufacturers such as BMW.  It is also
my understanding that because of this fact, repair parts are not as
expensive as one might expect based on the relative rarity of the car.  I'm
sure that if you went to Audi for parts it would be outrageously expensive,
but there are alternatives.  For those of you poor souls saddled with V8
quattro automatics, :) you may want to save the following info for


I've heard that it is possible to get parts from these guys for a pretty
reasonable price.  I have never dealt with them, but I have heard more than
one story where an expensive situation was made at least a bit more

If anything you're in a tougher boat if you've got a 5-speed.  I do know of
one person who has had to have a 5-speed tranny from a V8 rebuilt ... and
I'm sure it was well over 10 times more than the $185 that someone was
asking for an opening bid for a factory remanned 5000Q Tranny on eBay (that
went by without a bid I might add!).  

I guess my point is that I find it odd that people on this list who are
probably used to hearing people ask them why they own their 5000 or 200
because they are so expensive to repair, go and say the same things about
the V8 without firsthand knowledge.  No, you should not expect that you are
getting a "never needs any work, ever" Honda, but it may not be that much
worse than a 5kQ ... given that you do your own work.  While it may be true
that you won't be able to use some of the special tools you have for the
I-5, there are vendors like Blau who offer to send you the special tools
when you buy a timing belt from them so you can do it yourself ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)