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Re: No spark 4ktq project

> Also, I have found distributors to be so far out of spec, that the tdc marks 
> in the distributor were not close to the window.  You can be as far out as 2 
> degrees, then the window will prevent proper spark fire.  You can move the 
> dist a 1/4 turn in either direction (small increments please) and find fire.  

On the MC at least, the window is 20 degrees wide at the distributor.

> Remember, the dist timing only has to be in synch to start the car, it will 
> run fine off tdc after start (albeit in the mac11 cars it will code) until 
> you shut the car down, then no restart.  

Due to bugs in the MAC11, the knock sensor code can get confused as
to which cylinder is which... even without throwing a hall sensor code.
(The hall sensor code is set in a different place to where it uses
it to determine cyl 1.  By the time it gets to setting the cylinder,
it may be too late and the hall window has passed.)
If the knock sensor code gets confused, you'll probably get
a 2141 code.