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Re: Clutch Pedal Replacement Advice--87 5ktq

MSV96@aol.com writes:
 > The monkey lads or something got me today. At the local tire shop my clutch 
 > pedal went to the floor as they were about to back out of the garage area.

You should probably crawl in there and check this one out a little
closer. The clutch pedal can and will stick to the floor with the
master cyl failure (binding). The other failure, more common with the
89-91 Type 44's is the breaking of the alloy clutch pedal. I thought
that the 5k's kept the steel pedals, but may be wrong on that one.
If the clutch is actually disengaged with the pedal on the floor, your 
pedal probably isn't broken. It is possible that after reaching down
and pulling the pedal back to the top, it may work again for a
while. The confusion of the two is common. When my 200TQW pedal broke
on a trip, the monkey lads swore up and down to me that the master cyl 
had failed. After they ordered the master cylinder, and waited for it
to arrive, they discovered their mistake. I was stupid and got messed
up by those guys for a week or so. If I had dived in there and
diagnosed my own problems, I would have been much better off.